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Katie Boothe

Nashville based voice actor, theatrical director, stage actor, and theatre teacher. 

I've been performing for over 25 years, and I believe my life purpose is to tell stories.  Whether those stories come in the form of an audiobook, or in bringing life and relatability to a corporate training video, I love this work.  My colorful engaging style, and elementary and middle school educator background is ideal for fantastical children’s and young adult literature, as well as eLearning and explainers.

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 Katie Partners with Author Violet Winwood

This book of tales is designed to be comforting and cozy, allowing for some quality time with kids before bed.  Katie's Elementary education background allows her to weave Violet's enchanting tales into soothing audio, perfect for snuggling up with a pair of headphones.  Coming soon to Audible! Sample audio available here!

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Now on YouTube!

Vocal Boothe is now on YouTube!  Check out the channel!

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The Reviews are in: SPOILER: They're amazing!

“With dulcet tones, this voice actress delivered an excellent performance rendering [the main character] and her personality. She narrated with great range in vocal shift from dialogue to narration as well as differentiating female and male characters. Sweet almost Georgian southern accent with an ease in switching to NY / Jersey accent, she was expressive and believably authentic in reciting the regional accents areas of the characters. Overall impressive performance narrating a great story.”

“She really brought this story to life! Every emotion, every voice, every character was perfection! She flawlessly transitioned from one character to another. Thank you for the great listen.”

“The talent of this narrator continues to blow my mind! Wow! So freaking amazing!”

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Accent Work

Through her lifelong theatre career, Katie has developed exceptional skill in accent work.  She is well-versed in most European accents, including RP British, Irish, Italian, French, Russian, and German.  American accents include New York, Boston, Midwestern, West Coast, Pacific Northwest, and every variety of Southern accent you can imagine.  

Born in South Carolina, Katie is well versed in Appalachian accents, as well as those originating in the Deep South (Georgia, Louisiana) Tennessee and Florida.

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Nashville Voyager

Katie was recently featured in Nashville Voyager Magazine.  Read her article here.


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Interface:  Black Lion Audio Revolution 2x2

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MISC:  Kaotica Eyeball

Connections:  Skype, Zoom, Discord

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